Porcelain is a man-made product created from natural materials (feldspar, kaolin, quartz and clay). These materials are mixed with water and colour pigment, then pressed in moulds and baked in a kiln at temperatures up to 1240°C.

Porcelain is the perfect choice where uniformity in colour and texture are desired. London Stone’s range of Porcelain paving is full bodied, meaning that the colour and texture are carried through the entire thickness of the tile, making them virtually impervious to wear.

Our Porcelain paving is also fully vitrified. This means that the tile is baked at such high temperatures that the individual grains and particles of the mineral ingredients melt and fuse together to form a single mass, making the tiles extremely hard with very low porosity (0.5%).

Due to its exceptionally low level of porosity, we strongly advise that the Porcelain is not sealed. The sealant is unable to penetrate into the tile and will instead create an oily on film on the surface which is prone to collecting dirt.

Although the Porcelain tiles are uniform in size and thickness, we do not recommend butt jointing and advise that a joint of around 8mm should still be allowed for.