Initial Lawn Care

After the installation of a new lawn the following advise should be followed at the intial to help the lawn to root in.

Importantly with the lawn you need to keep it watered (but if we have a lot of rain I would not be concerned). Also you need to keep off the lawn, especially at the initial, and once the lawn has rooted it will firm up(2-3 weeks, depending on how mild and sunny the weather is). You may find that foxes sometimes like to move the turf around when it has been first laid, if this is the case just pop the moved piece back to where it came from. When the lawn grows to a length of around 2 –3 inches give the lawn its first cut on the mower’s highest setting, let the lawn grow back to this length again and then treat like you would any other lawn.

Umfortunatley foxes or pets may foul or urinate on the lawn and this will cause browning and perhaps affect the lawn from rooting in or growing.