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Turfing RTF

RTF Lawn:

RTF (rhizomatous tall fescue) Lawn is a great new development for lawn owners. Not only does it survive droughts because of its deep roots; it also repairs itself by filling in spaces with new growth.

Tall Fescues have always been suitable for lawns because they have a deep green colour, they are very hard wearing, and they can withstand long periods of drought. They have an incredible root system that can go down 1.5m (nearly 5 feet!) into the soil. This helps them search for water deep down in the earth. Even in severe drought, when other grass goes brown, tall fescues will recover very quickly with the first rain.

The one drawback with ordinary tall fescues is that they produce clumpy growth. This is where RTF Turf is so exciting. RTF is a unique type of tall fescue which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that grows outwards from the main plant, producing more shoots as it goes. In this way RTF Turf produces a nice dense mat of grass. By the same mechanism it can also repair itself if it gets damaged.

RTF Turf has quite a broad leaf, so it is not suitable if you want a very fine looking lawn. But for family lawns it’s perfect. It’ll stand up to football, playful dogs, and general wear and tear.